A. Developmental Objectives

i. To promote development and growth of agricultural cooperatives as a means of improving the living standard of the people, particularly the small farmers and fishermen, in the region;
ii. To promote concerns on the environment and sustainable development of agricultural cooperatives;
iii. To promote exchanges of relevant information and experiences, dissemination of information and sharing of ideas among Member Countries;
iv. To promote cooperatives efforts in human resources development and management, especially education and training of cooperative personnel and cooperators; and
v. To promote research and development programmes in agricultural cooperatives and agribusiness development.

B. Immediate Objectives:

i. To maximize inter-country cooperative programmes by acting as a focal point for regional activities that can facilitate exchange of information, technologies and experiences with emphasis on agricultural cooperative programmes;
ii. To assist in the formulation of various agricultural cooperative projects in the ASEAN Member Countries and to identify possible sources of funding and/or technical assistances; and
iii. To provide necessary training, workshops, seminars etc. at all necessary levels in order to better implement agricultural cooperative programmes in the region.

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