a. ACEDAC may have a national legal status and/or a non-government form of organization. Since ACEDAC is located in Indonesia, for operational purposes, it is required to adhere to the Indonesia's legal procedures.

b. Administratively, ACEDAC is under Yayasan Pendidikan Koperasi Indonesia (Cooperative Education Foundation of Indonesia), but operationally, it is under the direction of a board which comprises representatives of governments and cooperative movements of Member Countries and a representative of ASEAN Cooperative Organization (ACO).

c. Each Member Country shall appoint at least two and a maximum of five representatives to the Board, who represent the government and the agricultural cooperative movements of each Member Country.

d. The Board shall have a Chairman whose term of office shall be two year. The chairmanship shall be rotated among Member Countries in alphabetical order. The Chairman shall be assisted by a Vice-Chairman whose term of office and rotation shall be the same as those of the Chairman. The Vice-Chairman shall be from the Member Country next in rotation after the Chair Country. The first chairman and vice- chairman shall be elected on consensus basis.

e. Representatives from the government should have approval from their respective government, while representatives from the cooperative should have approval from their cooperative movement which may be the leading agricultural cooperative organization in the country. The representative from the ACO will be the chairman of the Organization or a representative designated by the chairman of the respective organization.

f. The Board shall report to the Senior Officials Meeting of the ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry (SOM-AMAF) through the ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Agricultural Cooperatives.

g. A liaison officer from the government shall be appointed in each Member Country.

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